Snow and Ice Sculpturer

Keith Martin, is a chef and construction contractor who has traveled the world pursuing a creative passion to build ice and snow sculptures so large that they blow people’s minds. An incredible engineering  and creative mind has put him at the helm of the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpting Team as their Captain for almost a decade now.  His team’s amazing work has won recognition and multiple awards around the world. He has worked with large corporations like Disney, Vail Resorts and X-Games to produce enormous sculptures for interactive marketing and entertainment purposes.

Artist at work

Putting Company logos onto massive snowmen is only the half of it. Having a career that encompasses tools; he has spent massive amounts of time producing tools that might only get used for one sculpture. If an idea requires a certain style of tool to create an effect that is desired, well then he designs and makes the tool also. Being creative is a lifestyle and passion and creating temporary works of art for the world to enjoy is a way to experience the world.