Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Competition 2010

“String Theory”

Breckenridge, Colorado

First Time as a member of the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpting Team at the 2010 International Snow Sculpting Competition in Breckenridge, Colorado. The piece was titled “String Theory” and stood at an adventurous height of 18 feet. The size of the block of snow we started with is 10’x10’x12′ and weighs in over 23 tons. We had to cut and harvest blocks to expand the sculpture to its final dimensions. It was quite the honor to carve with the original members of Team Breckenridge on such a stunning piece.

“Each of our souls is like the vibrating string of the violin; resonating from the most profound sub-atomic level to the celestial reaches beyond. Music is the portal that allows us to connect our spirit to the sublime, and grasp our place in it.”

Rob Neyland