Breckenridge International Snow Sculpting Competition 2017


Breckenridge, Colorado

A Tribute to all the members of Ski Patrol, past and present!

A Tribute to the National Ski Patrol (NSP): The National Ski Patrol was established in 1938 by Roger F. Langley, the president of the National Ski Association. He had been so impressed by the “Super Patrol” created by Charles Minot, “Minne” Pole for the National Downhill in Vermont that he asked him to organize a national patrol like the one he used in the downhill.Minnie, not being one to shy away from a challenge, accepted and the National Ski Patrol was born. Today the nonprofit National Ski Patrol adheres the creed of “service and safety” established more than 75 years ago. As the leading authority on our mountain safety, the NSP is dedicated to serving the public and outdoor recreation industry by providing education and accreditations to emergency care and safety service providers. Here is to the over 28,000 members serving over 650 patrols. We thank you for your service!